Galera Cluster for MySQL

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Galera Cluster for MySQL
Galera Cluster for MySQL provides synchronous replication and multi-master features when using InnoDB. This means a Galera Cluster supports reads and writes to any node, and provides a true multi-master experience with no lag and no loss of transactions.
Galera Cluster is built on a more generic replication API called wsrep (Write Set REPlication). The wsrep API defines an interface between the database server and the replication plugin and is a separate open source project by Codership. MySQL-wsrep is a patch for MySQL to implement the wsrep API in the database server. This patch will enable the MySQL server to use a wsrep provider plugin, for example, Galera. Galera is the wsrep provider including synchronous multi-master replication.
Galera 2.x is the currently supported version available with MySQL 5.1 GA and MySQL 5.5 GA. Galera is an open source project available under the GPL v3 license, with integration components available under the GPL v2 license to be compatible with MySQL.
Current Limitations
When comparing Galera with a traditional MySQL server, there are some limitations; however, these are not serious roadblocks to trying and using Galera effectively:
   Only InnoDB tables are supported in replication.
   LOCK and UNLOCK statements, GET_LOCK() and RELEASE_LOCK() functions are not supported.
   Log output to TABLE using log_output is not supported. Logging must be to FILE.
   XA (eXtended Architecture) transactions are not currently supported.
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